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The contents of this website must not be used in a manner that leads or may possibly lead to damage to the company or the website. It must not cause any impairment of the accessibility or availability of the website and its contents.  The website must not be used in any activities/manner/purpose /in connection with acts which are against the law, illegal, fraudulent or harmful.

This website must not be used in any way to publish or distribute, to copy or store, to host or transmit, to send or use any files/materials/ items that contain or is connected to malicious and harm-causing contents like spywares, viruses, trojan horse, worms, keystroke logger, team-viewer or any other programme or software of a similar nature.

This website does not allow or encourage any form of systematic, manual or automated data collection activities counting data mining, data extraction, data harvesting, etc without seeking prior consent from howtowritealetter.in on or in relation to this website.

Additionally, no user is allowed to use this website for marketing or related purposes or to send or transmit unsolicited commercial pop-ups/communications/notifications without written consent from howtowritealetter.in.

User Content

In this regard, the terms and conditions of user content refers to materials that you as a client or user submit to this website for whatever purpose it may be. These materials include but are not limited to text, images, audio-video materials/files or audio-visual materials.

Upon agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are granting howtowritealetter.in the rights to use, reproduce, adapt, adopt, publish, distribute and translate your user content in any form in the near or far future. These rights/licenses are not limited to regional specifications, are irrevocable, are not exclusive are royalty free.

You are also irrevocably granting howtowritealetter.in the rights to sub-license these rights including the right to take/seek necessary action upon infringement of said rights.

Furthermore, the content that you share with us must be under the legal banner and not unlawful. It must not, in any way, encroach on any third party’s legal liberties and must not lead to or raise any legal proceedings against you or howtowritealetter.in or a third party adhering to any applicable law. The content you submit must also not never been the subject of any susceptible or actual legal disputes, proceedings or similar matters.

howtowritealetter.in holds the complete and absolute rights to edit/remove/delete any content that has been submitted or stored on our servers or published/hosted on the howtowritealetter.in website.

In addition to the said rights, howtowritealetter.in does not take on the task of monitoring or the publication of the submissions relating to such disputed content.


The content and information published/stored/available on this website are for the purpose of general information only. It is our constant endeavour to keep the content of our website up-to-date, correct and relevant. However, we cannot, under any circumstances imply/express/vouch for the guarantee, warranty or representation of any kind concerning the precision, dependability, appropriateness, accessibility or wholeness of the information published or related graphics on the website. Any confidence that you place upon such items must be based on your own discretion and risk.

The possibility of being taken to third party websites through links is a possibility we do not deny nor can control. We cannot regulate the nature and content of these third part sites. The inclusion of these links does not necessarily imply the we at howtowritealetter.in recommend or endorse those views.  We constantly strive to regulate and achieve the smooth running of our website. However, it must be stated and understood that there are some factors that are beyond our control and jurisdiction and hence we are not and cannot be held accountable for the website being temporarily unavailable.

Limitations of Liability

howtowritealetter.in disclaims all liabilities for any loss, accountability, direct, indirect or consequential damage, personal expense or injury which may directly or indirectly occur as a consequence of the information on this website. The company is not accountable for your personal, professional or your company’s information somehow transmitted over our system. In such scenarios, it must be stressed upon that neither howtowritealetter.in owners nor any third-party website, data or content provider cannot be held liable to you, your firm or any other person on expense of any damage, injury or loss incurred. Particularly those arising from delays, inaccuracies, unindent errors or omissions of any share price transmission or information or by reasons of non-performance or interruption, termination etc, are not answerable by howtowritealetter.in.

By using this website, you inadvertently agree to the terms of the exclusions, liability limitations set out here and consider them reasonably fair. It is also brought to your notice that howtowritealetter.in is a limited liability entity and is interested towards limiting the personal liabilities of its staff, officers and employees in general.

The user must agree that they will not personally lay claims against howtowritealetter.in employees in connection with the losses you may suffer inadvertently from this website thereby protecting howtowritealetter.in employees, agents, successors, etc as well as howtowritealetter.in from liabilities.

If by any course of action, any facility on this website disclaimer is, or in the future is found to be, unenforceable under current applicable law, it will not be extendable or applicable to the enforcement of other provisions of these terms and website disclaimer.

The user Indemnifies howtowritealetter.in and promises to keep howtowritealetter.in indemnified against any liabilities, costs, damages and expenses suffered by howtowritealetter.in as a result of any breach by the user of any provisions of these terms and conditions. This includes but is not limited to legal expenses incurred by howtowritealetter.in to settle third party claims or disputes.

Breach of Terms

howtowritealetter.in may undertake any action that seems appropriate and fitting to manage a breach of the terms and conditions set out here by the user. This may include barring the user from accessing the website, blocking of devices using your IP address or contacting your internet service provider to request them to block your access to the website and may also choose to bring court proceedings against you, based on the gravity of the situation.

These terms and conditions may be subject to timely revision and in such cases, the revised terms will apply to the use of the website w.e.f the date of publication of revised terms. The user is advised to regularly check the page to familiarize oneself with current terms.

These terms and conditions stated above constitute the entirety of the agreement between howtowritealetter.in and the user and take over all prior agreements in this respect.

These terms will be under the jurisdiction of/ governed by and in accordance with the Indian Law. Any and all disputes in relation to these terms and conditions will be under the jurisdiction of the court of Alappuzha, Kerala India.