Privacy Policy

We at are responsible service providers. We hold great regard and importance to safeguarding the privacy of our users and customers as well as strive to comply with the statutory norms in this regard. respects your privacy and rights. In this regard, we have put a comprehensive privacy policy in place to protect intimate identifiable information that you have shared with us. This failsafe document states the practices that we have adopted in relation to the collection and use of personal information shared.

It is our constant endeavour to offer ideal business value to all our users. We persistently strive to improve our services to ensure that our clients may effortlessly trust us. Our dedicated team and research mobilization are steadfastly trying to offer the best satisfactory experience to our customers.

Upon your visit to our trusted website and subsequent browsing, your privacy becomes our prime concern and will be protected at all costs. advices its users and clients to go through this document thoroughly before submitting or sharing their personal identification and other information on our website. The policy statement given below states the intent and methods adopted by to protect data pertaining to our clients.

Collection of Information

  • Contact Us Forms

 Our company never solicits direct information from any user unless and until they wish to avail our service or associate with us. For this purpose, the ‘Contact us’ forms will be made available to you and you may voluntarily fill in information relevant to your requirement. Sharing of such personal information is left to the discretion of the user and they are free not to submit data of sensitive nature.

  • Cookies

Cookies are minute files of miniature size that are collected by websites to monitor and understand your browsing behaviour to make services more convenient for you. Cookies provide websites and service providers with information such as IP address of the user, type of browser, webpages frequented and visited, amount of time spent on each webpage, pattern of browsing and web search, mode of entering particular websites, navigation, etc.

This information is machine-generated purely for analytical purposes and is not subject to review or scrutiny by any individual or party. Since cookies are stored on your device, you can independently disable cookies and choose to decline permission to collect cookies when and where the alert dialogue-box appears.

  • Internet Access Logs participates in indirect collection of information from the website’s internet access log data. The moment you enter our website and begin browsing, the basic information about your internet access is automatically scrapped and forwarded to the website’s internet access logs.

  • Usage of User Specific Information

To brainstorm ways of making the features of the site more effective and convenient, analyses the information collected from clients/users. This analysis leads to ways of making client’s involvement with the website more efficient and productive. This same basic information such as name, email ID, address, fax number, etc. may be sporadically used for sending emails or newsletters pertaining to our service or to provide notification about service upgrades, change in pricing policy, etc. The user is free to unsubscribe from this mailer service at any point by clicking the unsubscribe button given at the end of every email.

  • User Information is not Disclosed to Third/External Parties/Vendors

Access to your input is allowed by only to authorized employees whose credentials are verified and who have taken NDA’s. This is done to assure the client that at no point of our association will their data or information be sold to third party/outside vendors, compromising our confidentiality promise. Our website is well maintained and there are no external links evident in our pages. However, is not accountable or liable to any identity theft/ information leak that may arise from visiting such sites. The discretion and responsibility to refrain from falling prey to such sites is left to the client who may acquaint themselves with the terms of said websites before navigating through them.

  • We Will Protect You

We at have placed extremely elaborate and highly sophisticated and current security systems for the management and preservation of all personally identifiable data given by users on our website. To prevent the misuse, alteration, theft loss or distortion of the same, we have taken all possible procedures. With firewall access that is only granted to authorized personnel of, we strive to safeguard your information from malicious intents.

We treasure the trust you have placed in us and to avoid any unauthorized use or dissemination of data, we have instigated state of the art technical and administrative facilities.

Consent is prime for us at and all information from users is collected only with consent. Statuary norms are followed for data processing and only data that seems pertinent to the services is collected. It is a constant strive of to protect the interests and rights of its customers and the data that is collected is strictly used for the purposes of the business only and for staying connected with the customers for renewal, upgradation and future endeavour notification.

User Rights

The right to contact us with requests for discontinuation of information processing lies with the users. They can direct us to delete and erase pertaining to them from our systems. This is followed through by with utmost sincerity and without question. The arena for seeking clarifications, pointing out inaccuracies and asking for iterations lies with the clients. For any further clarifications regarding our privacy statement, feel free to contact us.