Letter for Increase in Price

Letter for Increase in Price

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  • On March 1, 2021

how to write a price increase letter

It may be important to raise the price of products depending on the demands of the market. While customers always prefer to lower the price of products, the businesses want to focus on their profits. However, products should be reasonably priced to allow better affordability. Here is how to write a Price increase justification letter.

Date: dd/mm/yyyy






Dear customer,


Thank you for being a loyal customer for our brands and services over the years for Reliance India Pvt. Ltd. Our focus has always been to satisfy our customers through our quality products and services.


It has been essential to increase the price of < category> products from <amount> to <amount>. Our company does not aim to get extra profits but such initiatives are necessary for improving products, introducing new products in the market. Also, buying potential of the customers are increasing. Products in the same category are sold at much higher rates and these competitors are moving ahead in a fast pace. Though we are increasing the rates on products, we have other ways to appreciate our loyal customers. We are offering them various promotions and reward programs for their loyalty.


You can send in your queries and suggestions in the toll free number mentioned below.


Reliance India pvt . Ltd. – 18000-986-865


Thanking You,






Company name

Price increase announcement letter

You may have to increase price on certain products and services. Here is how to write a price increase announcement letter.

Here is a sample for price increase announcement letter

Price increase announcement



Dear Reliance India Customer,


Inflation is in boom! Transportation of goods, cost of raw materials, packaging costs are increasing. To meet such expenditure, it is become essential to increase the price of our products and services. While we have to meet with the expenditure, we do not want to compromise on the quality of our products and services. The increased rates are applicable from April 21, 2018.


All orders placed before April 2018 and also for urgent clearing will be available at current prices. Wholesale rates are only minimally increased. However, we have special programs and reward options for our loyal customers. These rewards are available in all our Reliance store outlets across the country.


Moreover, our customers can look forward to newer products in many category and enjoy the benefits. Discount programs and promotions will continue and you can manage a good shopping spree with our latest introductory and promotional events. The price increase is only applicable to certain products and vary across the regions. Luxury products, imported products including food items, foreign apparel are all subject to price hike.


We will continue to offer our best quality products and services to customers across the length and breadth of our country. Our skilled staff will assist you find better products and services besides introducing you to our new market strategies. With cost-cutting and other plans we will surely be able to turn your shopping experience into a delightful experience both in the present and also in the future.




Pranay Bhatia

Area Sales Manager

Price announcement letters are the ideal way of communicating with your buyers. Remember to address your loyal customers and offer them some incentives.  Explain to all customers how the price increase is inevitable. Remind them on the good offers that will be available to them besides the price increase plans.


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