How to Write a Letter for Father

How to Write a Letter for Father

  • Posted by writealetter
  • On March 6, 2021

You have many reasons for writing letter to your father. You may want to ask him for money get suggestions and plenty of other reasons that may be important and trivial. Here is how to draft letters to your father. 

Write a letter to your father for money

Date: dd/mm/yyyy


Dear father,


How are you? It is been ages since I heard about you. Why don’t you write letters to us? We miss you so much and are waiting to hear about you? How is the new place you are working in? Do you have plenty of friends and do you live with them? 


My academic session started yesterday. I had to purchase plenty of things such as bag, footwear, books, clothes, stationery, diaries and many other articles. Thankfully, mother had some money and we managed to bear the expenses. How are you faring in your posting? Have you received salary? If possible send us some money. We have to buy plenty of things for attending school and college. There are rains here and we get drenched as we attend school, office or college. This year I have to pay for college bus as well. I have lots of friends in school. I am friendly with the new comers also. The entire class was brimming with new stationery. Everyone brought new articles to school and we were looking at them. We are all fine here. Brother goes to work regularly. Mother is also faring fine. We want to buy some gifts for her but have no money. After you sent money, we will gift her with new clothes and shoes. 


Send us photographs from your new place. We are eager to have a look at you? If there are some good gifts send them to us. I want to show new things to my friends and surprise them. Also take care of your health. Do you have some cook to prepare food for you? Or do you miss home-cooked dinners. Mother always says how much you loved her cooking. After you are settled in your job, we want to visit you In Mangalore. Take us to your place during summer or winter vacation. We will all explore the place and shop well. 


Please send letters and photographs frequently. Looking forward to hearing from you.


With love and regards,



Write a letter to your father telling him about your school fees

Date: dd/mm/yyyy


Dear Father,


How are you? Why haven’t you written any letters? We are missing you a lot. My academic session has started. It was a big shopping time for me. I splurged on new books, bags and stationery. Now I need to spare some money for school fees. Are you sending some money? It will be nice if you can send some money to settle the fees. I need it only by the end of the month. I don’t think mother will be able to pay it this month.




Yours truly



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