How to Write a Letter for Manager

How to Write a Letter for Manager

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  • On March 6, 2021

If you are working in an organization, then you will be reporting to the manager. You will have plenty of reasons to write letter to him. You can write letter to manager for leave or other official reasons. If any company is hiring, then you can write letter to manager for job application.


Here is a how to write letter to manager for job application

Your name 


Phone number

Email id


Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Application for the role of content writer


Recepients name


Company name





I am a content writer with over 7 years in providing excellent content for international clients from across the globe such as UK, US, UAE, Australia and also other countries. I would like to apply for the role of content writer in your esteemed organization. I have exposure to large domains in writing such as real estate, ecommerce, business, web development, tourism, travel and other fields. I would like to offer my flawless writing skills and improve the content of your websites besides providing rich content for your business collaterals. 


Awaiting your positive response,


With Regards,


Your name 


Write letter to manager for leave

Letters of leave are the most common letter drafted and sent to the managers. 

You are stuck in an unfortunate circumstance and you cannot attend office. While returning from work the previous day, your bike skidded off the road and you were badly bruised and had to be hospitalized for severe knee injury. While your work includes important responsibilities, you have to inform the manager about the incidents and mention that you will be unable to attend office till your condition is improved. How to write letter to manager for leave.




Infotronics communications



Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Application for leave




I would like to inform you that I met with an accident and suffered from large bruises. I will not be able to attend work for the next 3 consecutive working days. Since, I was handling tasks in the marketing section, there are tasks and client meetings that require immediate attention. I had a telephonic conversation with my colleague Nirmal Bhatia and allotted some tasks for him. He has kindly agreed to attend the client meetings scheduled with me in addition to his tasks. Kindly co-ordinate with him and follow the important tasks and meetings. Please grant me 3 days leave, I will be able to resume work on June 4, 2018.


Thanking You,




Rajeev S

Marketing Professional


There are some important tips to take care while drafting letters to managers. 

  • Be respectful
  • Simple business letter format     

                     Follow the simple business letter and convey your message effectively. 

  • Mention you reason

                       You will have a valid reason to write letter to manager for leave. State the reason and convince him

  • Inform the manager always

                        Inform the manager always when you want to avail leave. This will impress him that you are responsible and he can timely allot your colleagues with the responsibility. So, the important tasks of the day will be attended to without disruption at work.


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