How to write a Letter for Teacher

How to write a Letter for Teacher

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  • On March 11, 2021

Students and teachers have plenty of reasons to write letters to teachers. This includes complaint letters, request letters, appreciation letters, thanking letters and many more. You can choose a simple but standard letter format but ensure that the letter is free from all kinds of errors.  Here are some samples for your understanding. 

Appreciation letter for teacher from student

As a student, you may find plenty of occasion where you want to appreciate a teacher for their exceptional contributions. How to draft an appreciation letter for teacher from student? 

Here is how…

Dear Edwic sir,

I am Antonia Sveros from Grade 6. I am grateful for the all the extra-curricular activities that you are organizing for our class. The Crafts Fair that you conducted was most useful and all thoroughly enjoyed it. All the visitors appreciated our efforts in creating craft items and they were glad to buy them. We learned and earned from the fair. We realize how painstakingly you organized the entire event and also introduced the Fair to the public. It was to collect funds for charity and also get some earnings for ourselves. We are looking forward to such enterprising events in the future too with your kind leadership. Everyone present at the event spoke high about your organizational abilities and we realized that it is sheer truth. We are fortunate to have a wonderful teacher and mentor as you to enlighten our lives. 


Thanking You,



Antonia Sveros

Roll no: 56

Tips on writing good appreciation letters

  • Be prompt

Don’t wait for long to draft your appreciation letters much after the event is conducted. Everyone is bound to forget the event and may be confused why they received the appreciation letter. 

  • Avoid flattery

Though you may be overwhelmed with appreciation, ensure that you avoid flattery. Simply mention the aspects you want to appreciate and express it honestly to the teacher. 

  • Encourage Your Children

Encourage your children to write appreciation letters, this develops their confidence and they develop a good bond with their teachers.

  • No errors please

Ensure that your child drafts the letter without any grammatical errors. This will fetch him appreciation from his teacher and he will be elated. Proof-read his letter. 

  • ‘Thank You’ letter to teacher from student

Students can also write simple ‘thank you’ letters to the teachers expressing their gratitude. The format used can be the same as the appreciation letter for teacher from student.

Letter to teacher from parent

Parents can also write appreciation letters to the teachers for improving their ward, helping them achieve significant goals and improving their personality. Here is a sample of letter to teacher from parent.


Name of teacher,

School name 



Date: dd/mm/yyyy


Name of parent

Postal address

Zip code




I would like to express my sincere gratitude for helping my ward, Rodericks Harvard of Grade 6. He used to face difficulty in following Mathematics. But after you noticed his problem and helped him understand the subject, he has improved. Now he is able to manage the subject on his own. Without your kind concern, my child would have lagged in the subject and be discouraged especially while he performed lesser than other students. Truly, teachers are the the biggest support in any child’s life. With your kind gesture, I have realized the fact.


Thanking You,



Name of parent

Go ahead, write a good letter to teacher and convey your message confidently!


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