How to Write a Letter for Sponsorship

How to Write a Letter for Sponsorship

  • Posted by writealetter
  • On March 11, 2021

Want to find sponsors for your fundraiser events? Writing an influencing sponsorship letter can get you plenty of sponsors. These letters help you communicate with plenty of sponsors and get their support. The sponsorship letters are sent after deciding the budget of the grand event. Sending the letter as soon as the event budget is decided proves to be a practical and clever solution. This provides the sponsors ample time to decide over their contribution towards the events. Charity organizations raising funds appeal to the potential sponsor through convincing letters drafted for the purpose. Sponsorship letters are sent for organizing fundraising events such as Marathon walks or runs, bicycle rides or bike rally, galas, fashion shows, live shows etc.

Here are some hints to consider while writing a letter for sponsorship.

  •  Impress the sponsors

Highlight the event to impress the sponsor. The event should be the main focus while asking for event sponsorship. Include the details of the event such as the theme, date and location. Then explain the reason for the fundraising activity. Then, suggest the sponsorship and mention the incentive you want to offer. Providing incentives can be useful for evoking the interests of the sponsors. 

  • Present different sponsorship options

Depending on the nature of the fundraising event, present different sponsorship options. You could request for monetary donations or request for others such as requesting to provide the space for conducting the fund-raisers. If you know that some of your sponsors can provide you convention centers, halls or auditoriums to conduct the events, then mention it in the letter. You can event include a separate document besides the sponsorship letter listing your expectations and different sponsorship options.

  • Strike at the point

Your busy sponsor has much to do than reading lengthy sponsorship letters. He is usually flooded with such fundraising letters that he has less time to spare for each. Strike at the point, introduce your sponsorship request directly and influence him to decide positively. Keep your letter short and specific to the cause. After eliciting the interest of the sponsor, you can always follow up with extra information. 

  • Remember Your Early Sponsors

Do not forget your early sponsors. Improve your template or draft a new and impressive letter to get many sponsors. While your fundraisers are different, reflect the novelty in in every letter. Thus, even the early sponsors will be keen to contribute to your new fundraisers. While you know these sponsors are willing to contribute, emphasize on the essentiality of their contributions. Mention how their contributions are sincere efforts to improve the cause. Thank them profusely for the continual and self-less support. Express your sincere gratitude for their kindness. For the early sponsors, you could start your letter expressing gratitude for all their kind support. You could also provide a banner and public announcement of the sponsorship offered by a leading group or top company that is your sponsor for the fundraisers. 

  • Charitable policy

Find out if your sponsorship organization has a charitable policy and align your requests accordingly. 

  • Conclusion

End your letter with your name, signature and seal of your charitable trust or organization.

Now you know how to write a sponsorship letter… Influence your sponsors with the right letter and plan out grand fundraisers!


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