How to Write a Letter for Sister

How to Write a Letter for Sister

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  • On March 11, 2021

Sisters are truly god’s choicest blessings. How to stay away from them! If you are away from them, how to not communicate with them? Here is how to write a personal letter to sister and express your concern to her.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Date: dd/mm/yyyy


Dear Cherie,


How are you doing? Hope this letter of mine finds you in good and cheerful spirits, best of health and everything.  It is been so long since I heard about you that I decided to write a long letter enquiring all concerning you. How is the place you have chosen for yourself? Are you having lots of friends and having a great time with them?  I wish I could visit you… I missed you a lot last year… There were so many special occasions but you were never there. All my cousins were enquiring about you but I had no good reasons to convince them. Why don’t you attend family events now? My explanation to this is that you do not want them to advice about marriage. But do not avoid them so much. Attend at least few events, we all are eager to see you and miss you a lot. When are your vacation scheduled? I think your finishing school sessions are interesting, you never seemed homesick. But wherever you are, remain happy and engaged. God Bless You… 


Do not get boring. Stay update with all good styles and improve your looks. Don’t worry you will find someone so handsome that you will be interested to marry. Nobody is going to pressurize you… I will take care of that. Bye…


With lots of love and regards,


Siera James


Write a letter to your sister asking about her studies

You stay away from your sister and you want to know all about her… How to stay connected? You could write a letter to your sister asking about her studies. She will also appreciate it that you are concerned about her and want to share her problems.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Date: dd/mm/yyyy



Dear Rania,


How are you doing? Have you forgotten your sister Jana? You rarely write letter to me… If you hate writing letters, you can call up in my number. I used to long for your calls but never receive them. Are you very busy? I know there is plenty to learn in fashion designing. But I am also glad that finally you got admission for this course that was always your passion. Now you can settle in the career of your choice. Look ahead and focus on your career. I want to be proud of my sister. So, become a famous fashion designer and create new fashion apparel. You have to design my wedding apparel too.


Thanking You,




Jana James

Letter to sister on her birthday

Want to wish you sister happy birthday? Here is how to draft a letter to sister on her birthday.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Date: dd/mm/yyyy





Dear Sylna,


Many Many Happy Returns of the day… You have turned 31, dear sister… Your birthday gift is on the way… Won’t tell you what the surprise is. But tell me if you liked it…


Regards to all your friends… Have a bash with them on the great day.



With love and regards,


Jana James


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