Letter for Ordering Books

Letter for Ordering Books

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  • On March 2, 2021

How to write a letter for ordering books

There are plenty of occasions to order books. During academic sessions, institutions order for books in various subjects for providing reference text to their students. Do you know how to draft a letter for ordering books? Here is a sample to consider….


HR Manager

Company name



Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Request letter for job opportunity



I would like to apply for the vacancy of content writer in your esteemed organization. I am an expert content writer with over 7 years’ experience in the field developing excellent content to clients across the globe. I have already provided content for clients in US, UK, UAE, Australia and other countries worldwide. My detailed resume containing experience and expected remuneration is enclosed herewith. Given an opportunity, I would like to generate enriching content for your business websites. I have ample experience in various domains such as real estate, business, IT, technical writing, healthcare, travel and tourism. Kindly intimate me the further procedures to take this opportunity forward.


Thanking You,



Name of applicant



College libraries usually order books in bulk as they have to cater to the requirements of their students. Most college libraries order reference texts and books before the commencement of the academic session. The librarian or the persons responsible order books for the college from the leading publishers. Large colleges even send out quotation notice to leading publishers and negotiate price on the books. But writing a direct letter   to the publishers is always the best option. Here is how you can draft a letter for ordering books.


Higgin Bothams

M.G Road




Subject: Order for 2000 reference books



Garden City College



Dear < name of manager>

We would like to place an order for 2000 reference books that are required in our college library. A detailed list of the book titles, publishers and versions are attached herewith. Please arrange to deliver the books before the commencement of the academic session in June.

We request you to deliver the books by 27th May, 2018. The advance payment for the 2000 reference books is enclosed herewith. Kindly adhere to the deadline and arrange delivery.

Thanking You,



Your name


Email Id

Mobile number

List of enclosures

Have you got an idea how simple it is to order books from large publishing houses? With accurate details and advance payment, you can get books delivered to your libraries or institutions. Librarian, teachers and other responsible persons from educational institutions order books through purchase order letter and get them delivered as per their requirements.

While there are plenty of new books conveying latest ideas and concepts, you need to order books often. Most renowned book houses and publishing houses only accept bulk orders. So you should know how to approach them. A convincing letter stating the reason is good enough to get your bulk orders delivered to your doorsteps.

You can use any simple format mentioned as sample and order the various books required anytime.


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