How to Write a Letter for Change of Name

How to Write a Letter for Change of Name

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  • On March 6, 2021

It may be essential for you to change your name for particular reasons. But after the legal process is completed, you have to send out name change notification letters such as name change request letter to the bank. You can also write letter to the bank manager for correction of name spelling. Even companies change their names and they have to send out name change notification letter. Besides banks, it is also important to send out name change notification letters to other organizations. Send specific name change notification letters to employers, landlords, revenue services, medical records, passport services, investment brokers, motor vehicles department, credit card companies and other public organizations maintain your records. It is important to maintain correct spellings and name in all records. Without notification letters, there can be confusion, mismatch and errors in the important documents of the name bearer. So, how to write a letter for change of name? 

Address your name change notification letter

Address it to the specific departments such as the banks, passport office, motor vehicles department, revenue services and other public services organizations. 


Furnish important information in the name change request letter

You have to include important information in the name change request letter.

Mention your full name- both previous name and new name. Also mention your present address. Include the copies of the official name change documents. Do not include original documents. You can include marriage certificate, court order, and certificate of naturalization or divorce papers. 

Inform the Credit Card Company

Do not forget to inform the credit card company about your change of name. If you are not sending them the name change notification letter, you will not be able to get you credit records or avail loans. 


What is the format to follow while drafting the name change notification letter? Here is the format of a simple name change notification letter addressed to the credit card company.

 Start with the applicants name and address

For ex:

Jane Joel

33/A Downtown Street


New South Wales

Postal Code: 654 890



Name and address of the company

Ex: Golden Credits

44/D Hampton Street


New South Wales

Zip Code: 678 986

Mention the subject of the letter

Ex: Name change request for Credit card number XYT346734



Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Body of the letter

As a credit card holder for XYT346734 number, I would like to draw your attention to my new name. After my marriage, I am adopting a new name. My new name is Jannet Johnnie and my previous name was Jane Joel. 

I would like to request you to accept my new name and change the name in your records. My new name, credit card account number and postal address are mentioned below. 


Jannet Johnnie

Credit card number XYT346734

33/A Downtown Street


New South Wales

Postal Code: 654 890

Kindly issue a new credit card with my new name. My mobile number is 884817079 and my email is I have enclosed proofs of my new name such as my marriage certificate herewith. Please contact me for further details.


Thanking you,




Jannie Johnnie

Name change notification letters have eased the process of changing names. You need to draft a simple letter and send it out to various organizations intimating them that you have legally changed your name.


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