How to Write a Letter for Grandmother

How to Write a Letter for Grandmother

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  • On March 6, 2021

Grandmothers are the most doting persons in our lives. We all cannot forget our grandmothers and how special they have been in shaping our childhood. There are a million things to learn from them. They teach us good manners, how to pray, how to think, how to be wonderful human beings. Though children are stuck with plenty of activities, they love to spare some time and write sweet letter to their grandmothers. 

Here is how you can write a letter to grandmother asking about her health. You can also write a letter to grandmother on her birthday.

Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Place: Bangalore


Dear granny,


How are you? We are all doing fine here. I have got a job in Bangalore. My brother Joe is also employed. Our parents have retired from their government jobs. Did you know about it? They have brought lot of different things from the place they were posted. I feel glad that now it is possible for us to live together. We also value your presence here. It will be lot of fun if we all live together. I simply love your delicacies and all your cooking. The fish curry you make is my all-time favorite. I also love the mutton rib recipe of yours. How did you manage to learn such expert cooking? Teach me some also. While I get married, I can impress my husband with some of your wonderful cooking. 


How is everyone at your place? Is grandfather doing well? He used to fall sick. I am worried about him. When are you visiting us? Or should we reach your place. For me, your place in Kerala is my vacation destination. If I were studying, I could have visited your destination every year. Now since I am working, I cannot spare days from work. This will result in Loss Of Pay. The amount will be deducted from my salary. By the way, I earn Rs. 14,000 every month now. I am a content writer in a reputed organization. I have plenty of friends and colleagues. Many of them are elder to me buy I adjust with them. It is fun to work with all kinds of place. 


Have any of my cousins visited you? Many of them are employed and busy. I want to bring both you and grandfather to Bangalore. You should simply look at the lifestyle of people here. While you both may the simplest human beings alive, people here are in contrast. The city is full of affluent crowd. Grandfather may enjoy here and find some good place for drinking. There are also plenty of good restaurants offering delicious food. Almost as good as your cooking. Everyone at home is fans of your cooking. If you come here make all of my favorite delicacies. My brother simply loves the fried beef that you cook.  Make it for him and keep him happy. We got some good photographs of both of you. We have framed it and kept it at our sitting room. 


Remember to reply to my letter


With lots of love and regards,

Jania James


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