How To Write A Letter For Document Request

How To Write A Letter For Document Request

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  • On March 10, 2021

Losing an important document can be vexing in our busy lives. Since the important documents are required for both Government and public services, it is important to gain the duplicate copy. But if you lose a vital document unintentionally what to do? You have to send a request letter for lost documents to the concerned department for issuing a duplicate copy of the lost document. There are certain aspects to follow while drafting the request letter for duplicate document. If you are waiting to receive the submitted documents, then draft a request letter for the return of original documents.

Address Your Letter to the authorities

   Find out the authorities responsible for issuing duplicate documents. If it is the educational documents, then you have to address the letter to the principal. If you pass on your request through proper channels, then you will receive your duplicate document.

How to start?

   After a polite salutation, mention the request directly. Ex: I would like to request for duplicate documents since I have lost the original copy of my birth certificate or license etc.

Mention reason 

  What is the reason that you are applying for the duplicate document? Mention the reason and convince the authorities to issue the duplicate copy. Explain how the document was most important to you and the loss was most unfortunate.

Urgent basis

  Mention in your request letter that the duplicate documents are required on an urgent basis. This will catalyze the process of issuing the duplicate as the purpose is confirmed.

Enclose required documents

   Enclose address proof and identification proof as they are required for verification. Before issuing another document, the authorities will confirm that all the documents are issued to the right person and no fraud is involved.

Mention the detail of the lost document

  Which is the document you have lost? Is it your passport, license or convocation certificate, birth certificates etc.

In any case mention the details of the document such as your complete name as in the records, license number or passport number, date of issue, expiration date etc. Also mention your account number or identity number for banking and official documents in the request letter for certified true copy of documents.

Fees Is Important

  Find out the cost for issuing duplicate documents. Certain records may be duplicated free of cost. While enclosing the cheque, mention it in the letter. It is important to state that the relevant fees are enclosed with the request letter. Ex: Enclosing herewith the prescribed fees for the duplicate document.

Enclose envelope

   Enclose a self-addressed envelope to receive the duplicate document. Mention it in the letter. For ex: Kindly forward the duplicate document at the earliest. Find enclosed a self-addressed envelope.

Keep your letter short but convincing

   Mention all the required details and ensure that the details are accurate. Keep the letter short and polite especially while you are addressing the authorities.

Use email or postal services

  Now most of the government and public services are digitalized. So you can forward your request letter through email or ordinary post. Follow the simple letter format while sending the request letter for lost documents.

Say Thank You

   Remember to close the letter thanking the authorities. Sign your letter as there will be signature verification comparing your sign with the signature in the records maintained by the authorities. 

Now you know how to write for asking to return the original document or drafting request letter for lost documents.

So keep anxieties away if you lose documents, simply send across a well-drafted request letter and get the duplicates easily!


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