How to Write a Letter for College Transfer Certificate

How to Write a Letter for College Transfer Certificate

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  • On March 6, 2021

If you want to transfer to another college for any reason, you have to get a college transfer certificate. But, how to apply for a college transfer certificate? Draft an application letter for transfer certificate from college and address it to the principal. You will need to submit the TC or Transfer Certificate from your earlier college to get re-admitted in the new college. This certificate is the proof that you have completed a period of education in a particular college. On the submission of this Transfer Certificate, you will be admitted in the new college and allowed to pursue further studies. Are you drafting the request letter for TC first time? Now draft your application for college leaving certificate after graduation easily with these guidelines. 


  • Addressing the application

While drafting your application for transfer certificate from college, address it to the principal or the officer-in-charge of this function if any. Then furnish the name of the college and its full postal address. 

Ex: The Principal

Harvard Business College,

Sydney, New South Wales


  • Mention the reason for transfer

What is your reason for applying the transfer certificate? It could be problems in adjustment, the nature of the course or difficulty in pursuing the tough course or relocation to another city etc. Relocation and alternate preference in course are the common reasons for opting transfer from the colleges. Mention your reason honestly with regrets in the first paragraph of the letter. 

Ex: It has been unfortunate that I have to discontinue my course due to my father’s transfer. 

  • Be most polite

Remember to be polite and respectful in the application for transfer from college.


  • Request for documents

In the application for transfer certificate, you can also request for the return of your submitted documents. Usually all the documents are issued to the candidates after the completion of graduation. But if you are discontinuing your education, then request for the marks card or other valid educational documents submitted in the college or university using the application letter.

  • Thank the college and faculties

Thank the college, its faculties and head of the institution for assisting you through your academic session in the college and helping you grow in your career. 

  • Give Your Details 

Furnish your complete details from Full Name, registration number or Identity number, name of the course, the department and date. You can either provide this information in the beginning of the letter or at the end of the letter depending on your preference and convenience.  Mention in the letter to send the Transfer Certificate to your postal address provided in it.

Request letter for transfer certificate from college after graduation

You also need to send request letter for transfer certificate from college after graduation. Then the transfer certificate should be produced while applying for post-graduation or other higher studies in another college or university. This Transfer Certificate confirms that you have successfully completed graduation or post-graduation in a deemed college and passed out successfully. The Transfer Certificate is only issued to successful candidates. In some colleges, the conduct of the candidate is confirmed in the transfer certificate. 

Ex:  ‘Conduct of the candidate: Good’

In other cases, a separate document is issued discussing the conduct of the candidate.

Sign Up and Wind Up

Complete the document with your authentic signature and mention your address and date below.


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