How to write a letter for birthday

How to write a letter for birthday

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  • On March 6, 2021

There are plenty of ways you can send across your birthday wishes. You can surprise your friends or parents with a colorful greeting card or draft a nice letter appreciating them for all their contributions and make them feel special.

Here is how to write a letter to a friend on his birthday

                                                                                                                                                                                 Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Dear Pradeep,


Many many happy returns of the day… I realize today is your 37th birthday… I also turned 37 this year. I never realized how time passes. I still remember how we spend our school days together. We used to run together to the Pepsi vending machine to get soft drinks. How we used to love the after school brunch of Coke and chips…You were a real foodie then! The food freak of yesterday turns 37 today! Calls for celebration…

Forget the past; let us discuss how you are faring at the present. What are your plans on the special day? How are you celebrating your birthday? Have you planned any birthday bash or are you inviting friends for a treat to some favorite restaurant? I remember how you used to love KFC. I will truly miss your treat at KFC which is also my favorite restaurant. Since I am in India now and you are located in the Gulf, how am I going to get the birthday treat or drool over the delicious birthday cake?

Since I was not sure of your present size, clothes and shoes are not your birthday gift. It is something unique and hope you will love it. I was determined that my birthday gift to you should be befitting for the 37th birthday. Will send it in courier but may reach you only after few days. I am a dunce, should have planned and send out the gift earlier so that it reaches you today on your special day. Surely, you will be loaded with gifts for the plenty of friends and friend circles you have. Do they all know that today is your birthday? Letting out the surprise, believe me a great treat awaits you. All because you are special, a true friend anybody would want.

Are you staying with your parents or have you moved out with your friends? Anyway my sincere advise to you is that keep away from alcoholic drinks. I heard from someone that you drink a lot. Being 37 doesn’t really mean that you can drink obsessively. It means that you have great responsibilities to bear. You have to get ambitious, design your career and make your parents proud of you. You have a commerce educational background. Make the most of it. You can even plan out business together with your friends. Whatever, remain focused on your career. Promise me that you will consider my words as a birthday resolution. As a friend I want to see you more successful and established than others. I want to take pride in your success.

Advices apart, mail me what all birthday gifts you received. I am sure your parents are planning big gifts too. That was a long letter… Winding up!


Bye… Have a riot on your special day!


Yours Truly,

Hannah Anson

Writing a letter to a friend on his birthday is the simplest one ever! Remember to convey all your love and regards.


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