How to write a letter for asking permission

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  • On March 6, 2021

There are plenty of occasions for asking permission. If you need to leave early from college or work, you need the permission of your Head of the Department or your boss. While seeking permission from work or college is common, there are plenty of other permission letters to be drafted as well. You may need permission from authors to reprint their prose or require the permission to conduct an event in a venue or you may need to write a letter asking permission to use a place. Let’s consider drafting sample letters asking permission in these circumstances.

How to write a permission letter to the Principal

You are the student of a deemed institution. You need to seek the Principal’s the permission of to use the auditorium and the campus for a fundraiser program. Here is how to write a permission letter to the Principal.


The Principal,

Sacred Heart College



Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Permission for using the college campus and auditorium for fundraising



I would like to organize a fundraising event in our campus. Our college campus has always hosted plenty of charity events and this new event is to be successful as ever. The fundraising event will consist of live performances by trained students. These programmes are planned to be conducted inside the auditorium. Invitations and advertisements are sent out to the public for attending the program and watching the performances. There will be ticket counters, book stalls and food stalls in the campus. We have volunteers to keep the campus clean both before and after the events. For the grand occasion, I would need to use the auditorium and campus on June 1st, 2018. Kindly grant me the permission for the same. 


Thanking You,



Jim Walsk

National Service Scheme – Head

Sacred Heart College


Now your permission letter for event is ready. After the sample letter asking permission to use a place, we can move on to letters at workplace seeking permission. You may need to draft a letter stating the reason if you want to leave early or avail leave, or seek permission to use certain office equipment etc. Here is a sample of formal letter asking for permission.


Name of the person 

Designation department

Office name





Name of company



Subject: Permission letter


I, (name of employee) from (name  of department) would like to avail permission for leaving early as I have a doctor’s appointment for my ailing father this afternoon at 3:00 pm. I have completed all tasks for the day. I assure you that all the tasks related to the ongoing projects will be completed as per schedule without any interruption. Mr. Suresh Kumar from the same department will meet all obligations for the day and also emergencies as required. Kindly grant me the permission for leaving early. Awaiting your confirmation at the earliest…


Thanking You,


Yours Truly,


Name of the person,

(Signature of the person)

You can use the same letter format and draft a simple letter stating the individual reasons for availing permission. 

So now you know how to write a permission letter to principal or to easily draft a formal letter asking for permission… Be confident and draft a good letter and gain permission.


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