How to Write a Letter for Annual Leave

How to Write a Letter for Annual Leave

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  • On March 6, 2021

You may have plenty of reasons for availing leave. You may have to write official leave letter if you are working. If your child attends school, you may have to write leave letter for school. If you are a teacher, then draft a leave letter to Principal. Here are few leave letter sample.

Leave letter format for office

Writing out a leave request letter for office is most important to intimate them about your absence for a day or for a period. This is essential because, they have to plan out alternate arrangements while you are unavailable. The official leave letter informs the boss on their employees intention to avail annual leave, sick leave or compensatory leave. If your job involves working on public holidays, then you are eligible for compensatory holidays simply inform your boss on the days in which the leave is scheduled.


Here is the leave letter format for office:

Name of the employee

Employee ID 



Phone number



Human Resources Manager

Name of Company



Subject: Application for annual leave

I would like to apply for my annual leave for this functional year. I am entitled to four weeks of leave starting at the first week of March. I have not availed any leaves in the past six months and I am applying on leave from March 1st,2018.

I am applying for leave because my husband is undergoing a surgery and I have to attend to him in the post-surgery period. I have already arranged another employee to take up the responsibility of my role and provided specific instructions and handed over all necessary documents. I will be able to resume work from April1st, 2018. For any requirements, contact me at the postal address mentioned below.


In anticipation of leave confirmation





Name of employee

Postal address

Zip code

Any kind of simple leave letter formats for office. You can use simple format and seek permission for one-day leave or to gain leave for a certain period. Here are few tips to follow while applying for leave.


In case of few days of leave, you can follow a simple format. Simply address the letter to the supervisor of the company of the Human Resources Manager. Since it is internal communication, there is no need to mention the postal address and zip code.


In the subject of the letter, mention request for leave.  


In the body of the letter, specify the reason for availing leave. Convince the supervisor or HR to grant you leave with an adequate reason. If they consider your reason important, you will be granted leave.

Mention all your details correctly such as the postal address to contact you, your employee ID number and your position in the company. 


Now you can simply use the same format and draft leave letter for personal reason. Using the simple format you can draft leave letters for different purposes while introducing other different reasons. Ensure that all details and reasons mentioned are correct. 


Go ahead…draft your own leave letters.


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