How to Write a Letter for Address Change

How to Write a Letter for Address Change

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  • On March 6, 2021

There can be complex procedures to follow as you change your address. However, the letter to inform the change of address can be most useful for companies and individuals alike. You have to draft a change of address letter to the bank for rectifying the address in the records. If your commercial enterprise is shifted to a new address, you still have to draft plenty of sample letters to inform the change of address.

If you have already changed your address, have a look at a sample letter to inform the change of address to the bank.

You name 

Postal address

Zip Code


Date : dd/mm/yyyy


Name of bank

Branch address

Zip code


Subject: Change of address



I would like to acknowledge the change of my residential address. Kindly change the address in the bank records and forward all communication in future to the new address mentioned below. My new address is:


New postal address

Zip code

Kindly send me a confirmation message after you have changed the address in your records. My email is and my mobile number is 123-234-456.


Thank you for your attention


Yours Sincerely,


Your name 


Here is a sample letter for change of address that private enterprises can use on relocating to a new place. 

Company letter head


Date: dd/mm/yyyy


Dear Valued Customer,


We are pleased to inform you that we have relocated your favourite restaurant Rahul Tiffin House to M.G Road. With our new central location are closer to you offering our best services.  


Our new location is located closer to you offering a host of new delicacies, home delivery service and ample parking service. We are glad to offer better convenience and improve your accessibility to our services.


Our new address is (address) and our contact number is (mobile or landline number). For free home delivery call 1800- 4461- 9800. Find us easily close to St. Mark’s Cathedral. 



Signature of business owner

Name of business owner

While it is mandatory for business owners and individuals to draft letter for change of address, have a close look at this simple format and grasp it soon! 

Businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, parlours and spas should send out change of address letters and intimate their customers while relocating to a new place. This will help them to maintain and continue the relationship with their existing clientele. While there is so much competition between businesses, it is important to maintain your clientele. If you are relocating your business without informing all your clients, you will lose out on them. They may start seeking the services of other businesses accessible to them. The letters for change of address is most useful in such circumstances. You can send out plenty of these letters mentioning the new address your business is relocating and inform them at the earliest. You can also welcome the clients while mentioning the better facilities available for them in the new address. This is a great way to remain connected with your clientele. 

Even for individuals, they have to inform in plenty of places about their change of address. The letter for change of address is most useful for them to include their new residential address in public service centres such as post offices, telephone exchange, electricity department etc. so that the monthly bill is delivered to the correct address.


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