How To Write Convincing Job Application Letter

How To Write Convincing Job Application Letter

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  • On March 15, 2021

It is often that we have draft a letter and apply for a job. How to draft an impressive letter that will convince the manager or employer to offer the job? A smart job application letter can get that coveted job role. Every top organization is scanning their candidates right from their initial job application letters to the purpose of seeking a job. In such a scenario, you have to organize your simple application letter and make it outstanding. You can easily outshine other candidates with this smart strategy!

  • Introduction

Give an interesting first paragraph to capture the interests of the employers. Provide a strong statement expressing your interest in the professional role offered. Mention specifically the highlight of the job. Always be polite but clear and concise and present a simple application letter.

  • Use business letter format

The business letter format is perfect for job applications. Keep it formal and relevant offering mostly important details that the employer should know.

  • Body of the letter

In the first para, mention the job you are applying for.

In the second para, provide all the information that the employers are seeking such as relevant details on experience and accomplishments.

Last part, thank the employer.

  • Mention the professional role you are applying for

Let the professional role be the highlighted. You can mark it boldly. Your writing should revolve around the crucial role.

  • Explain why you are the right candidate

How you can benefit the organization while functioning in a particular role. Explain your skills, expertise and knowledge in the job application letter.

  • Mention your strengths, qualifications and experience

Summarize your strengths, qualifications and experience. Let the employer be convinced on your caliber, professional qualifications and experience.

  • Request the hiring manager to contact you 

Mention a request statement for the hiring manager to contact you. Ex: Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest convenience. 

Here are some simple points to be noted while drafting the letter of application

Firstly provide the address of the organization followed by your address.

Use readable fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. The font size should vary from 10 to 12 points.

Use one inch margin and align the text to the left.

  • Brief Letter Is Better

While using the business letter format, you can easily furnish all the relevant information. Keep the job application letter short and brief furnishing all relevant information. 


Remember to follow these guidelines…Good Luck for your new job!


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