How to Write a Letter for Best Friend

How to Write a Letter for Best Friend

  • Posted by writealetter
  • On March 6, 2021

 You will certainly know to write a letter to a friend… But I need help to write a funny letter to best friend. Look at this sample letter to a friend.

Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Dear Tania,


How are you faring? Are you so busy that you have no time to call your best friend? Buddy, its ages that I heard from you. Are you keeping fine? Pass on my regards to your kid sister Marian and parents. How are all of them?  I heard from Romain that you were not in good state of health for a period. What went wrong? I remember that your father was a doctor. So I was never anxious about your health. You should take adequate care. Remember to take your medication on time. Follow a good diet and consult a physician if you need more help. Health is Wealth. Never ignore it.

Then, tell me all about you career plans. You were working well in IT, why did you quit. I should say your kid sister Marian is smarter than you. Have you watched how she is improving her career? She already has a defined set of goals that she wants to achieve. You too should follow the example. Make plans to improve your career. It is good to earn some money. It really improves your affordability. You must develop new career objectives and achieve new targets. You are so young and you really cannot ignore your career or future. It requires adequate attention.

Also revamp your wardrobe. Go to a designer and get some smart apparel done. You should improve your looks. Adapting some good trends can pep you up. There are plenty of affordable designers in Dubai, so don’t make excuses. If you are not finding one, I am about to send you clothes. So take me seriously. I am NOT joking. Plan a good hairstyle too and develop new interest in your career. It will keep you engaged and you will improve gradually. 

There are plenty of global companies in Dubai and with your engineering degree; you will easily find good opportunities to settle in. Don’t waste your time idling…

After the heap of advice, lets us chat about our friends group. Have you met Firoz, Anoop or Jude recently? What are their career plans? Business or anything better… I wonder. Anyway, keep close to the gang they are very supportive. We are lucky that we have a true circle of friends. Whenever we need them they are available with their kind support and love. I also met some of our teachers recently. Francis sir was not keeping well. I also met our French sir. He remembers all of us! What a great time we all had in school together… those times will never repeat but I treasure the memories. You are always my best friend and will remain forever. 

Did you like the letter to a friend sample? You can also write friendship letter to a friend and express your love and concern to her on any occasion. You will gradually learn to draft proper letters. Follow the example and pour out your emotions and concerns as you draft letters to a good friend


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