How To Write A Letter For Teacher Job

How To Write A Letter For Teacher Job

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  • On March 11, 2021

Want to apply for the vacancy of a teacher? Write a well-drafted letter, attach your resume and send it to the hiring committee. There may be plenty of aspirants vying for the same role. Let your letter be precise and exceptional so that it gets noticed easily and provide you an edge over other applicants. Here are some hints that will help you draft an formal letter and apply for the vacancy as a teacher.

  • Mention your professional qualification

Brief your qualifications, mention your bachelors and post graduate degrees and the deemed Universities that you graduated from.  Mention any diplomas or specializations that you have completed as it contributes to professional qualification.

  • Include accomplishments, awards, accolades

Have you won any awards during your teaching career? Include the details of all your accomplishments, awards and accolades you must have won. This will easily differentiate you from other candidates. 

  • Mention your social work or extracurricular activities

Have you worked outside classroom? Don’t forget to mention your experience as volunteer for any program. Include your experience in conducting workshops for children or organizing events with good student participation.

  • Include special training and certifications

Have been keen on learning and completed certifications? If you have completed special training and certifications, mention them in the letter for the information of the hiring committee. 

  • Mention your strengths and skills

As a successful teacher, you may have plenty of good skills and strength. Highlight your strengths in the letter. Most educational institutions are keen on finding skilled and experienced teachers, who can boost the morale of their students, impart the skills and assist them in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Customize your letter

You cannot use a general letter for all teaching roles. You need to specify the role you are opting for and mention it with details in the body of the letter.

  • Specify Your Letter

You cannot use the same letter for all the schools and educational institutions that you are applying for. Find out the requirements of each school. If there are special requirements, then include your qualities meeting their requirements and mention it in the letter. Also remember to mention all your relevant experience. For ex: If you have had experience in working as a special teacher helping special children, mention the years of your relevant experience in the field while applying for a vacancy as special teacher. If you have other experience such as student counselor, you can apply for this role whenever the vacancy is available. In such situations, mention your years of relevant experience in the counseling role.

  • Work Experience

If your total work experience is high, mention it positively. This will help you get an edge over other applicants with lesser experience. Every educational institution prefers teaching professionals with ample experience to impart good education to their students.

  • Why You Chose To Be A Teacher

Explain in a convincing manner your objective as a teacher. You can explain your purpose as a teacher and your aim on improving the learning experience of the students.


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