How to Write a Letter for Principal

How to Write a Letter for Principal

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  • On March 11, 2021

There are plenty of occasions where you have to write a formal letter to the Principal. You may want to improve the facilities in school, complain about certain issues affecting you, report incidents and many more. Parents can also write letters to the Principal requesting his assistance for the problems faced by their ward, request him to offer them leave etc. If you are in college, you need to draft letter to the Principal for certificates.  Or through a formal letter to Principal for leave, get exemption from the regular classes for few days.

Format of letter to Principal of school

How to write a letter to a Principal to request his assistance to settle your ward, ask him to grant leave etc.? You need to draft a formal letter stating your reasons…

Letter to principal from parent

Name of the principal

School name



Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Request letter for exemption from term examinations



I request you to exempt my son, David Rex from the term examination that is commencing next week. He is a grade 6 students, his roll number is 26. Unfortunately, he met an accident while cycling; he fell off from his bicycle and fractured his right leg. He is advised rest and will not be able to attempt the examinations. Kindly grant him permission. 


Thanking You,


Ross Rex

33/A, Hampton Street

Sydney, NSW

Formal letter to Principal from student

As a student, you may only know simple format of writing letters. You can use simple language and draft a formal letter to the Principal.

How to write a letter to your school principal? Here is an example of letter to Principal from student.


The Principal

Name of the school 


Date :

Subject: Introduction of dramatics club in the school


I am Jane Marie from Grade 6. I am in Jon Roe’s class and my roll number is 26. I want to request for introducing dramatics club in the school. Majority of the students from my class want to join the dramatics club. Kindly accept our request.


Thanking You,



Jane Marie

Grade 6

Students in all age groups need to write letters to the principal. If you are a student in a college, there are plenty of situations in which you need to draft letters to the Principal of the college. You can draft a formal letter to principal for leave or write a letter to the principal for certificates. The certificates are returned to the students after the completion of their graduation or if they are discontinuing the course of study in any particular institution.


There are plenty of guidelines to follow while drafting these letters on purpose.

  • The letter should be formal, direct and courteous

Remember, you are addressing the head of an institution. Be courteous and pay due respect to the principal. Also be direct while you express yourself.

  • Use a simple format

Use a simple format while drafting the letter for your convenience. But do not forget that you are a graduate student. This should be evident in your letter as you express your purpose.


No more worries on drafting a letter to the principal, keep your letter simple and direct to convey your message! 


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