How to Write a Letter for Brother

How to Write a Letter for Brother

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  • On March 6, 2021

You need no special reason to write a letter to your doting brother! But he is sure to feel special if your send him letters expressing your love and concern. If he is staying away from home pursuing education send him letters often conveying your regards for him. Do you know how to write a letter to your elder brother? You have to ask him all about himself and how he is adjusting. You can also ask him to send you gifts from the place he is settled in. 


Here is a sample letter to brother:

                                                                                                                                                                                      Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Dear brother,

It is been ages I heard from you… How are you? Everyone at home is concerned about you. You should write letters or call up at home. How do we know about you? We get real worried without any information on you. How do we know if you are sick or facing tough situation? I always talk about you to my friends and all of them are eager to see you. Sometimes I show them your photographs. Please send some of your recent photographs; I want to show them to my friends.

I heard about the cyclone in Oman. There are evacuations in process at the country. Please remain safe. I am worried about my sister-in-law and my nephews. Both of them are so small and young. How are you going to manage the crisis especially while you were never exposed to a cyclone? How are the locals there adjusting to the situation? Are there plenty of rescue workers managing operations with volunteers? There was a big story about the situation in news. Everyone is expressing their concern on the cyclone. Please remain safe. If evacuations are happening, try to travel to a safer location within the country. I wish you and the family could fly down to home and stay safely here. How we miss you all here.


I am doing fine here. When I know how safe we are, I feel guilty. You are estranged in another country in danger and I am all settled and happy. I have friends and family around me for support in all kinds of situation. God bless you and keep you happy all time. 


Please discuss with the authorities and find out if you can return to India. Our concern is your safety and not the expenses. If you are allowed to fly, board the next flight and return home safely. We are eager to ensure your safety. I have not seen my little nephews since years. How tall have they grown? Their school may be closed now due to the drastic condition.  I was learning to bake cakes for them. I thought you and family would fly down for summer and I would cook delicacies for them. I love surprising them with cookies, ice creams, shakes and cakes. What is your favourite dish now? I am learning to cook it as well…

 Looking forward to your reply… I am also on Whatsapp… Buzz me when you are free…


With love and regards,




 Using this simple letter to brother format, you can draft thank you letter for brother. Follow my letter to big bother and dote on your brother.


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