How to Write a Letter for Donation

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  • On March 16, 2021

Arranging donations is not an easy task. You have to persuade organizations or company or individuals to offer donation. While there are plenty of charitable trusts seeking donations, it may not be easy to obtain donations for your charitable trust. Persuasive writing should help to procure donations. It is simpler to write letters for donations and send it to organizations than approach these organizations directly. You can even draft a donation request letter for church and send it out to many likely sponsors or send out letters asking for donations for school

Benefits of donation letter

  • It is not easy to get appointments of proprietors or affluent people to approach them for charity. Draft a letter asking for donations from businesses. Using a donation letter, you can seek donations without the pains of obtaining appointments or travelling to offices and organizations.
  • You can send across multiple donation letter neatly drafted through emails or posts. There is less efforts and pains involved. Send out letters asking for donations for schools or other charitable events. If you are lucky the donations get transferred into the accounts of your charity trust.

Here are some tips to draft donation letters:

  • Choose your recipients

You can send donation letter to donors who are willing to contribute or are likely to contribute. Avoid sending letter to anyone and everyone as they may not be interested in the cause.

  • Personalize The Introduction Of Your Letter

Address your letter to the person in a polite salutation. Mostly you know your donors, so present a polite salutation.  Ex: Dear Jannie Johns

  • Thank them For Their Consistent Support

Thank your donors for their consistent support! 

  • Introduce your new cause in the beginning of the letter

Mention your cause and present it well. Ex: We are planning to provide food and clothes to a section of slum children. We are aware how keen you are on donating to such causes based on your earlier support.

  • Highlight the importance of your cause

Explain how their contribution will improve the lives of many. Also explain the distressed condition the victims are in. Convince them on the importance of the large project. Many are interested to donate to significant causes. 

  • Motivate them to contribute

Give several reasons why they should consider this fund-raising event and how it is important for the victims and your charity organization. 

  • Conclusion

Thank them for their kind support. Convince them how impressive their kind gesture is. 

Ex: Thank you for your kind support. You have rendered joy in the lives of several under-privileged. 

  • Mention Your Name

Include your name and signature at the end of the letter and authenticate it with the seal of your organization. This will prevent the duplication of your letter of donation. Else anyone can draft a letter and try to obtain donations merely under the name of your organization. 

So now you know to draft your own donation letter. You can create a template of your letter and fill in information separately for each donor in the spaces provided. This will help you receive plenty of donations while sending the letter to many donors. In the common template, fill in the information of each donor. Send it to all contributors and gain their support for your cause. 


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