How to Write a Letter of Transfer

How to Write a Letter of Transfer

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  • On March 4, 2021

You may want to transfer your job to another location… You may want to explore the opportunities in the new city and settle down there for plenty of reasons. If your office is having a branch in the other city, you have to apply formally for a transfer. You need to simply draft an employee transfer request letter.

Business correspondence model

Use the business correspondence model and submit your transfer letter. The relocation transfer letter should begin with your contact details, date followed by your supervisors contact information. The subject of the email should include ‘transfer request- Your Full Name’.

After a formal salutation, present your request in a polite manner to the supervisor. You should be able to convince him with reasons to grand you the transfer. You can quote the reasons that are prompting you for a transfer. It could be housing issues, lack of facilities, personal reasons, professional reasons etc. Draft the request letter for transfer to another branch.

If it is not the reasons in the current office that is affecting you, mention the positive attributes in the new office or the professional role in the office that is prompting you for a transfer. It could be possible that your company has opened an office near your home town. You could simply access work and commute from home. Then cite the reason honestly and request a transfer.

Let the reason be good enough

While mentioning the reasons, the best choice is to be honest but being convincing is also required. May be your chances of promotion are higher in another branch… Be frank and honest. Even if it is the better amenities and team support in another branch that you love!

After the purpose of transfer, request the supervisor’s request for getting the position at your preferred location. Express your gratitude and appreciation for the supervisors help. Then conclude your letter thanking the organization. Mention your name, designation and signature at the bottom of the letter.

Depending on the practice in your workplace, address the letter to other managers in your division if necessary. Proof-read the letter to avoid all kinds of grammatical errors, spelling errors. Also check if you have stated the purposes accurately. Find out the period in which the letter is to be sent. Send the transfer letter not later than 15 days depending on the availability of the supervisor. While the supervisor introduces your transfer by intimation in the other branch, you will have lesser formalities to ensue.

If you are planning internal department transfer, then draft a letter of request for transfer to another branch.

Good Luck For Your Transfer! Excel in Your New Role…


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