How to Write Email Letter

How to Write Email Letter

  • Posted by writealetter
  • On March 1, 2021

Emails are important forms of communication. Nowadays, majority of the official letters and business letters are written using emails. Most businesses also communicate with their customers using emails. Ecommerce platforms are extensively using introductory email campaigns to launch their products and inform their customers. Professional email letter writing is gaining popularity.

Professional email writing

You are promoting products online for an ecommerce store. How do you connect with your target audience? You may have to send out introductory mails on product launches, promotional mails featuring the highlights of your product, email campaigns, offer announcement letters, discounts and promotions emails and plenty more. So how do you write professional emails?


If you are a beginner start writing emails to your friends.


Mention the name of the recipient,


Add others on the list if you are sending a general letter or mass invitation.


Then, mention the subject of email

Ex: forwarding photos of Oman floods,


Now develop content for the body of the website. Here is a sample.




How are you doing? Have you heard about the floods in Oman. Oh, it is unbelievable. I have some candid photos to share. If you know others who lived in Oman with us, forward the pictures to them also. All the photographs are high resolution and clear.


If you are into professional email writing, here are some samples.


Mention the recipients of the email. If you are planning mass emailing, then address the letter to all of them.


Subject: New Introductory offers in Amazon.



Rock the day with Amazon


Announcing Amazon Mega Sales On 5th Anniversary


Get stunning rewards while shopping with the ecommerce giant Amazon.

Shop products of value higher than Rs.1000 and get stunning deals


Avail offers on these brands


Titan  Sonic  Omega  Nike   Addidas  Peke  Lee Cooper  Satva  Indigo  Benetton   Identiti   Weekender Estelo Espresso Latino


There are plenty of sales, promotions and discounts to avail.


Dear Amazon customers,


Celebrate the 5 th Anniversary of your leading ecommerce partner, Amazon. Shop till you drop on the day and bag plenty of rewards. It is time to go for a shopping spree and win amazing gifts. There are plenty of steals and deals of the day. With more than 5000 lightning deals, amazing discounts up to 80 percent, you cannot wish for a bigger shopping opportunity. Grab the offer and take home the most amazing products. Steal branded electronics, gadgets and other fabulous imported goods.


Hurry! Offer closes at the end of the day…

Share the mazing deals with your friends. Find ample steals for the entire family, shop for your spouse, kids and all. Amazing discounts for all age groups

Thank You email


To <Mention the names of all the recipients for mass mailing>


Subject: Thank you




  Thank you

Thank you for shopping with us and availing the amazing discount


Find amazing discounts with this email. Get 50 percent discount using the coupon codes.


Use the coupon code: serty23456



So go ahead.. draft new emails.


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